Monday, October 19, 2009

Not me Monday - I live in Florida!

This is definitely the craziest not-me-Monday post that I have written...
Those of you not familiar with not-me-monday, it is an opportunity to pretend that I did not really do all of the things that I really did this week.

I did NOT grab my camera the other night to take pictures of the sunset. I do NOT have about 1000 pictures of sunsets on my hard drive, yet I still love to get more.

As I was taking pictures I did NOT decide to photograph with the idea of showing the natural beauty and the contrast of the trash.... or something like that.

After taking this picture I did NOT decide to take a step forward and squat down to get just a little closer to the bottle.
As I was getting into position I did NOT hear a LOUD snapping sound in the water and see this...

I did NOT jumped back, but reassured myself that it was probably as big frog, or fish or something like that thinking that I was over reacting.
A few seconds later I did NOT see this...

A coworker did NOT recently warn me that she often sees alligators while running at the lakefront!

When I got home I looked at my pictures, zoomed in on my pictures and
I did NOT see this image in the first picture posted...
After looking at the picture I did NOT have my foot less only inches away from a wild alligator and on his turf,  I would never be that foolish!!
(If you click on the first picture posted and look in the lower left hand corner you will NOT see the same thing.)

I did NOT continue to take picture of him... only from a much safer distance. 

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Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

OH MY GOSH! How terrifying! I'm glad everything's ok.

By the way, your advice was the most helpful in fixing my blog header. So thank you!!!

Mary said...

Yikes! No alligators here in NJ. The worst wildlife moment for me is stepping in goose poop... lol

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