Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me monday - Blue Springs

Another Not-Me-Monday....

This weekend we did NOT sleep in till 11:30 Saturday and Sunday. We would never sleep that late.
We did NOT make the trip to Blue Springs to snorkel and cool off in the refreshing 72 degree water.

We did NOT stop and get sandwiches on the way to the park for a picnic, which we did NOT eat in the car while the rain passed.

I did NOT run my fingers through my husbands curly hair all weekend

As we were waiting, I did NOT play around with my zoom lens...

I did NOT take stalker-ish pictures of unsuspecting people.   I would never take a picture of someone without their knowledge.

We were NOT planning on snorkeling in the rain before we learned that due to a diving accident, we wouldn't be allowed near the cave for the rest of the day.
We did NOT avoid the swimming area due to teen boys having inappropriate conversations.  There is a separate swim area and a cave that is great for snorkeling.

We did NOT put our feet in the water to cool off while we watched some smart snorkelers touch an alligator in the water. 

I did NOT forget to charge the battery in my camera, and it did NOT go dead as we were about to leave.  

I did NOT have a blast despite not being able to snorkel spending time with my husband and taking pictures.

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