Monday, October 5, 2009

I Heart Faces - My favorite things

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is my favorite things.  I spent some time digging through old pictures for my favorites.
1)  My church, and God. The picture below is not actually my church, it's my dad's on Easter Sunday.  I love the classic looking church and have many memories, but at the same time I enjoy how different my church is. 
I can honestly say that I look forward to going to church every Sunday.  We love that they have so many programs and opportunities to get involved.  We love the rock music, (My hubby drums) and the relevant but honest messages.  It also doesn't hurt that I can watch live on the computer when I am out of town, or if I volunteer in the nursery. 

2) If you have looked at my blog before I am sure that you know about Dylan, my amazing husband.  He definitely makes my favorite things list!!  I could not have found a more perfect person to enjoy life with!

3) I love snorkeling!  This is a picture of Dylan and I last November in the Keys.  As a child, every spring break we would DRIVE all the way to the bottom of Florida for the wonderful snorkeling.  Luckily around Orlando there are some amazing cold springs where we snorkel. 

4) Water - The Beach, the hot tub, the pool (and drinking water.)  The first picture below is of St. Perersburg Beach near Tampa, FL, and the second picture is in Alaska, just after leaving Ketchican.  If Dylan would agree, I would go to the beach every weekend.   We pretty much live in the center of the state.  It is about an hour to Cocoa Beach and 1 1/2 to Clearwater.  Most people I know prefer Clear water because of the sand and beauty, but I am not most people. I love Cocoa Beach because of the amazing waves.  I love playing in and riding the waves, but Dylan feels like he leaves the beach beat up.  Dylan thinks it is too hot  in the summer and too cool in the winter.  He will usually go in May, and I was thinking that I could get him to go now, but he's not too excited about the idea.

5) Camping and hiking
I absolutely love camping.  If given the choice I would rather sleep in my tent than a hotel.   love the fresh air, the air mattress and community bathrooms.  OK, maybe not the bathrooms. The picture below was taken in Savannah, GA. 

I spent my college summers as a counselor at Camp Asbury.  I was a high ropes instructor, lifeguard, and I spent most nights sleeping outside.

Now that the weather is cooler and more bearable, we have been going for evening walks and I love it. This picture was taken just before we took a 2.5 mile hike straight up a mountain in Juneau.  We climbed 1700 feet and did it in less than an hour. 

6) Kids,
I am a teacher, of course I love kids.  I am excited to have my own someday.  One of my students asked me the weekend before my birthday what I was going to do to celebrate.  I said I was going to the beach. She asked if I was going to take my kids.  I responded that I don't have any kids, and she said "Yes you do!  You have 40 of us, remember??"  I always tell my students that I don't need my own children because I have them.  This is a picture of my cousin's son.

7) Cooking and baking
I am not great at it, but cooking and baking are a great stress reliever for me.  Dylan and I agree that in our next house we want a larger kitchen. The first picture is a 'pizza' that I made.  I really use recipes as a loose guide, and many times just sort of put things together.  The second picture is a birthday cake I made on Friday for a birthday. 

8)  Photographing sunsets
I am sure that you know by now that I love photography and sunsets make me want to run and grab my camera.  I have hundreds of pictures of sunsets on my hard drive.  Somehow it just does not get old.  I feel like every evening God paints a new picture for us!  Here's one...


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am so thankful that God gives us such a variety in life! It always makes me think if this flower or color or cool breeze is so amazing here, how much more vibrant and refreshing it will all be in Heaven one day.

Great pics, Carly!

Yelena R. said...

Great list :)

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

That is a very thoughtful list!!! Great job.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Carly, and leaving a nice comment! I appreciate it.

I love husband and I have many teachers in our family and we know what a wonderful, yet often unrecognized job that it is!

Your photographs are wonderful! You are lucky to have such a sweet and handsome husband and live in such a pretty place. I enjoyed reading your "favorites" list!

Unknown said...

Your list is totally and completely perfect : ) I LOVE IT!

alpinekleins said...

Beaches . . . cruise . . .camping - all some of my favorites also!


Marice said...

those are great pics! love is really in the air :)

mine is up too

Tatter Scoops said...

Great shots. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing :)

Ali said...

Lovely post! Great pictures! I love camping too, your pics make me want to go soon!

Unknown said...

i love all your favorite things!!

puna said...

Except for the camping:) everything looks fantastic!

Sarah said...

Oh, I love that you love church...I'm a bit ashamed I didn't even think to put that...and my church is SO important to me...Also, I love that snorkeling picture w/ the flippers in the foreground...nice shot! Another thing...I also love baking and was a lifeguard at a Bible Camp in college. :) Small world! I'm interested in keeping up w/ your blog...I've already learned so much in pictures!



Lorena said...

All your favorites are such fun things to do! =) I love cooking! =)

Anonymous said...

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