Saturday, September 12, 2009

Story Telling Saturday - Cypress Gardens

This picture was taken at Cypress Gardens in Winter haven, Fl. I have mixed feelings about the park.  When I was a kid we visited as a family and had a blast.  I had also visited about 4 years before.   Last April they had teacher day (meaning I got in free) so we decided to visit again.  When we first arrived we were driven through what used to be a thriving amusement park and clearly had been abandoned.   Once we got to the park the gardens were as beautiful as ever and of course they had the water ski show. About half of the old park was closed to visitors  and looked abandoned.  They had recently added a water park that was fun, but the water was FREEZING!
Now to my picture...  They had a Japanese looking garden and in the garden was this amazing tree. I am not a horticulture expert, but it looked like roots of the tree just fell to the ground.  I am sure that the picture do not do justice to the tree at all, but it was really neat!


Amy said...

That's a beautiful picture! We have a large garden about an hour away from us and I love it there. Thanks so much for participating!

Unknown said...

We visited Cypress Gardens only once, and before we got to go back to use our "free" day, they closed the park. I had looked forward to seeing it "dressed" for the holidays. The gardens and topiaries were lovely, and I was glad we got there at least once before they changed. I suspect it is just a little too far out of the way for the folks who come for Disney/Universal,etc.

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