Monday, September 14, 2009

Not-Me-Monday (A weekend of housework)


Welcome to "Not me Monday" where I admit everything that I did not  do over the weekend.  If you have never heard of 'not me Monday'  you are missing out!  Basically it is an opportunity to admit all of the things that normally would be too embarrassing to publicly discuss just by adding the word NOT into the post.   

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First our weekend started like any other weekend with our Saturday morning routine of french toast.  I make the batter, and my wonderful husband cooks up the french toast. 

  • We did NOT make twice the french toast since we have parts of 4 loaves of bread in the house!! (As a result of camping last weekend.)

  • We did NOT un-squish  and attempt to reshape the bread  that spent last weekend in the trunk of our car.
Unfortunately, as mentioned in my title, this was a weekend of housework. 

  • My husband did NOT pull out weeds as tall as he is out of our front flower beds.  (It has been summer in Florida where everything grows like crazy and we try to spend as little time as possible working in the yard.  )

  • I did NOT cut my husband out of the picture because, although this is not me Monday, I was not ready to show you his yard work clothing. 

  • I do not have a maple tree growing in the hanging basket outside my front door. 

  • I do not love the smell of oranges so much that I left a sour orange tree in the yard just to make it smell better. 
This is where it gets gross:  

  • We did NOT come house Saturday Night/ Sunday morning to find a HUGE Palmetto bug on the cupboards in our kitchen!!!!  I don't mind spiders or ants, but I hate Palmetto bugs (a.k.a. roaches) more than anything else!

  • I did NOT end up going to sleep while my husband searched high and low to try and find and kill the bug.  (It was late and I was tired.)

  • I did NOT spend HOURS the next day cleaning and sanitizing every surface and cupboard in my kitchen.

  • I did NOT remove every dish from every cupboard and every appliance for the counter to scrub every surface.  I just hate the thought that they have been walking around in my kitchen, ugh, it grosses me out!

  • My husband did NOT admit that when he saw the roach the first thing that he thought was "here we go, now Carly will deep clean everything and turn the kitchen upside down."  He says that roaches to me are like little 1 inch bombs that must be caught! 

  • I did NOT find a few Pyrex dishes that were put away  in the cupboard with baked on dirt after being in our not so great dish washer. 

  • I did NOT go so far as to get a screw driver and remove the cover of the microwave cleaning and looking for my little friend. 

  • This was NOT the second roach in my kitchen in 5 years of Florida living. (For those of you that don't live in Florida and simple think that I am gross, this really is somewhat normal.)

  • I did NOT send my husband to the store immediately to refresh our traps and respray everything.

  • I did not get this far (see photo above) in making a dessert when I realized that the can of condensed milk I was planning on using did not smell of look right.

  • The date was NOT in 2007 because of course I would not have outdated food in my house!!

  • I did NOT send my husband once again out to the store (twice in the same day) to get me a new can.

  • My husband did NOT complement my cooking by saying "Wow, this is great!!  You know why?? Because it is fat-full not fat-free!"

  • I did not have just a little piece of the fat-full dessert as I was heading out the door to workout class today. 

  • After such an interesting weekend I did NOT actually look forward to going back to work on Monday!  (I really love my job!)
That was my not me Monday, be sure to visit the link above and see what others admitted. 

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carly: I did really enjoy reading through your did nots.
Glad you enjoyed seeing the Kent State post.

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