Monday, September 21, 2009

Not-me-monday - the home show

If you are not familiar with "Not-Me-Monday"  click on Mcmama's blog to see all of the rules and see other entries.  Basically I am admitting everything that I did not do this week.

After we did NOT have such a boring weekend last weekend, my husband promised me that Sunday afternoon we could do something for a few hours, so we went to the local Home Show.

He is such a great hubby that he even sat through a cooking demonstration.
I was NOT unimpressed with the lack of organization and direction of the presentation and how the entire presentation was just an advertisement for some guys website and this restaurant.  
I did NOT vocally express my discontent with the presentation for the last half, only to realize that we were sitting next to the mother of the restaurant owner...  oops!
We did NOT sit through the last half only to get a sample of the food.  (Lobster, tiger prawns and scallops!)
We did NOT eat off of the plate of the lady next to us (the owner's mother) when only about 1/4 of the small audience were given samples. 

I hope blog readers, that you are not sports fans, or you won't like the next part.
I did NOT cause the Steeler's to lose their game today due to taking my hubby to the home show instead of allowing him to stay home and watch the game. 
I did not continue to drag my husband around even after we discovered a large TV and sofas set up.  He is really great, he loves the Steelers, and he didn't even ask to stay and watch.
I did NOT convince my husband that Facebook is down for the rest of the day because I don't want him to see comments posted.  I mentioned how wonderful it was that he missed the game to join me at the home show and a few comments reinforced  his fears that it may have caused the Steelers not to win. 

I did NOT sneak through the bushes behind the wall of a store that will remain unnamed to take picture of the lake.  

Then I did NOT get many strange looks as I took picture of flowers near the mall. 

For dinner I did NOT intend to make a wonderful fish recipe, only to make only to completely change it, due to lack of supplies/ trying to make it a little more healthy:
I did NOT substitute chicken for tilapia,
I did NOT substitute wine for lemon juice,
I did NOT substitute Alfredo sauce for mayo,
I did NOT substitute olive oil for butter, and
I did NOT substitute garlic powder for onion powder

Honestly, it turned out really yummy, and I think that we will NOT make it more often.

What did you NOT do this week?

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