Thursday, September 10, 2009

Juniper Springs

This weekend we went camping with 19 friends to Juniper Springs in the Ocala National Forrest.  Unfortunately we were unable to actually swin in Juniper springs sue to construction that was scheduled to be finished 1 week before our arrival.  We went to a nearby springs and snjoyed swimming and snorkeling. 
It was SO refreshing that we actually went to the springs twice.
One of my favorite parts of camping is cooking over the fire.  We were so fortunate to have great friends who all pitched in to help prepare our meals. In the pictures below our friend is tearin up cutting onions.  After wearing the snorkeling mask he was able to finish the task.  You may recognize this from my Wordless Wednesday Post. 
Have you ever eaten a banana boat?  They are made of bananas, chocolate chips and marshmellows warmed in the campfire.  We were lucky enough to have our own band to entertain us for the evening. 
In addition to the activities descrbed above, we went canoeing, hiking and to Alexander Springs.  Take a peek at my Thousand word Thursday to see an interesting picture. 

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