Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday - Floridas fall colors

Today was the first time since May that we were able to turn off the A/C and open the windows and it feels wonderful!  My hubby and I went for a walk in the refreshing cool air this evening.  I mentioned yesterday that I miss the fall colors, so I thought that I'd show you  our fall colors here in Orlando. I actually noticed that our neighbor's tree is starting to turn orange, but ours have not yet.  I didn't want to seen creepy using my zoom lens to take a picture over the fence and into their yard, so this picture is from last year. 
I can't wait for our oranges to change color... yummy!
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wordless & Watery Wendesday - longing for fall colors...

This is about as close as we get to fall in Florida. Although I love the weather, I definitely miss the changing colors.

Here's my Watery Wednesday post.  We went snorkeling with the manatees in April and I took this picture as we were about to leave the dock.  On a side note one of my third grade students asked me if I have ever been on a boat. The student told me that one day he would like to ride on a boat.  I tried to hide my shock that a person can be 9 years and have never ridden a boat.  We live in Florida where there are lakes, amusement park rides, retention ponds everywhere. 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - they left the kickstand

This sad bike was in Savannah.  I feel so bad for the owner, but still wonder why the owner left the frame.  I also wonder why the thief left the pedals and kickstand.  I am sure that those items could be worth something.  Why not take everything?? 

Not-me-Monday: Bad Hair day???

Today at work I did NOT have a coworker who I have spoken to... oh,  about twice  tell me that my hair was getting long. 
She did NOT tell me that it would look SO MUCH BETTER if I cut it in a different style.
I did NOT stress over my hair for the rest of the day.
I have NOT decided to wear my hair in a ponytail....well.... forever, or until I figure out if I want to cut my hair. 

Not-me-Monday is an opportunity to admit all of the things that I did NOT do this week.

After a crazy week all I wanted on Friday was a fun and relaxing evening with my husband.
I did NOT end up agreeing to stay late and fill in for another teacher in the after school program because I felt bad about saying no.
We did NOT decide to dine in on grilled mahi-mahi, veggies, Spanish rice and crab cakes.

We do NOT prefer to cook together rather than going out to eat because we actually like cooking and enjoy the experience of doing it together. 

My husband did NOT grill a steak wrapped in bacon!  He would NEVER grill up something so unhealthy, or something that his wife thinks is completely gross!

I did Not spend much of the day on Sunday framing and hanging pictures for projects that I had plans to complete for months years!

I do NOT feel a little strange about entering a photo of myself in a local photography contest.

I did NOT buy a frame for a photo and get home to realize that it was the wrong size.

I did NOT make my hubby move pictures up and down on walls a few inches and hold them for a very long time, because I have a difficult time making a decision.
Women always make quick decisions, right??

(Which do you like better?  As you can see by the bottom picture, we/I decided on level with the picture next to it.)

That's my not-me Monday.  Be sure to visit Mcmama's blog to see what others did NOT do this week. 

I Heart Faces - Blue

The theme for I heart faces this week is Blue.  I choose this picture because I love the way that Dylan's blue shirt, eyes and the background all compliment each-other. He also has a rather blue expression on his face, and I think that the lighting adds to the blue feel.  If you really want to know, the reason that he was blue was that his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers lost their game!  I don't think that men understand that it is just a game, and they really don't understand that no matter how loudly you cheer at home, it won't affect the outcome of the game.  I also think that he blue because he was done taking pictures, and I wanted just a few more.

Be sure to click on the link below to see all of the Blue pictures.  

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday - Easter in September

I recently found many pictures that I sort of forgot about. I choose this picture for mellow yellow because I really like the symbolism, and what it stands for. Did you know that the egg is used around Easter time to symbolize the rebirth of man.
Prior to Easter Sunday, the last time that the church was in use was for Maundy-Thursday service. This service goes through the death of Jesus and ends in complete darkness and a somber mood. I think back to Easter and the joyful atmosphere of the church.
I don't know about your week, but mine was extremely busy. This time of year I need a nice reminder of the joy and promise of Easter.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Friday- Faces and skywatch

This week I decided to combine my entries for Photo Friday and sky watch Friday. As you may notice by the time I am going to barley get this in to still be in Friday.  It has been a busy week with open house and many other reasons that I had to work late.  I love my job, but I was so glad that today is Friday and I have the weekend to relax. 

The picture above is my husband Dylan. As I mentioned before he wants new head shots, so we were trying a few things.

While we were at the lakefront taking pictures the clouds were amazing. I have to admit that looking ofr entries for sky watch Friday has made me much more aware of the amazing art work that God paints in the sky daily.

Visit Photo Friday to see other entries of faces and Sky Watch Friday  or Looking at the sky on Friday to see skies from around the world!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday - Raw files

I have read over and over again what an advantage it is to shoot and process saw pictures, but somehow it seems scary! I wanted to order a rather large print of this picture from Vancouver, so I decided to try processing the RAW file. When we were on our summer vacation I shot on RAW and jpeg so that I would have the archived files to play with, but have the JPEG to use immediately. The disadvantage is obviously that the files are HUGE, but I took along my little net book and unloaded my card daily. Would you believe that in an 11 day vacation I shot 50gb of pictures!! Totally worth it now that I am venturing into processing raw and loving the results. I used the software that came with the camera, but I may try light room soon, and see how that goes. (Free trial first.)

Here is the basic RAW file

Here is the picture that will soon hang in my house

Cheaper Than Therapy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watery Wednesday - Behind the Mall

I climbed through the tall grass and behind a privacy wall behind a mall/ shopping center to take these Watery Wednesday pictures.

Visit Watery Wednesday to see other posts.

Wordless Wednesday - Picasa and the forgotten photo

I downloaded the new Picasa today and LOVE it! One of the new features recognizes and tags faces. I tagged the first picture of Dylan and it found hundreds of others, and asked me if they were of Dylan. As I added more friends, it was able to group people together and find all of the pictures of a particular person. I am sure that this is old news to many of you, but it's new and exciting to me. In honor of the new Picasa I am sharing a forgotten photo of my handsome husband!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Skagway, Alaska

Last summer I took this picture in Skagway. Alaska. Skagway was a gold-rush boom town that now probably makes 99% of their income from tourism. The big attraction was an amazing train ride into the mountains. In the picture above we are playing on some of the old train equipment.

That's My World - New Orleans Resort

I absolutely love living in Orlando because there are so many fun places to visit.  (OK, sometime it is a little hot and the tourists can be a little annoying.)  Recently a friend and I visited the New Orleans resort at Disney World.  I have to say, they definitely pay attention to the details!  Last Thanksgiving my husband and I spent a week in the real New Orleans and I felt like the resort was about the same size as the french quarter. Enjoy the pictures. 

Not-me-monday - the home show

If you are not familiar with "Not-Me-Monday"  click on Mcmama's blog to see all of the rules and see other entries.  Basically I am admitting everything that I did not do this week.

After we did NOT have such a boring weekend last weekend, my husband promised me that Sunday afternoon we could do something for a few hours, so we went to the local Home Show.

He is such a great hubby that he even sat through a cooking demonstration.
I was NOT unimpressed with the lack of organization and direction of the presentation and how the entire presentation was just an advertisement for some guys website and this restaurant.  
I did NOT vocally express my discontent with the presentation for the last half, only to realize that we were sitting next to the mother of the restaurant owner...  oops!
We did NOT sit through the last half only to get a sample of the food.  (Lobster, tiger prawns and scallops!)
We did NOT eat off of the plate of the lady next to us (the owner's mother) when only about 1/4 of the small audience were given samples. 

I hope blog readers, that you are not sports fans, or you won't like the next part.
I did NOT cause the Steeler's to lose their game today due to taking my hubby to the home show instead of allowing him to stay home and watch the game. 
I did not continue to drag my husband around even after we discovered a large TV and sofas set up.  He is really great, he loves the Steelers, and he didn't even ask to stay and watch.
I did NOT convince my husband that Facebook is down for the rest of the day because I don't want him to see comments posted.  I mentioned how wonderful it was that he missed the game to join me at the home show and a few comments reinforced  his fears that it may have caused the Steelers not to win. 

I did NOT sneak through the bushes behind the wall of a store that will remain unnamed to take picture of the lake.  

Then I did NOT get many strange looks as I took picture of flowers near the mall. 

For dinner I did NOT intend to make a wonderful fish recipe, only to make only to completely change it, due to lack of supplies/ trying to make it a little more healthy:
I did NOT substitute chicken for tilapia,
I did NOT substitute wine for lemon juice,
I did NOT substitute Alfredo sauce for mayo,
I did NOT substitute olive oil for butter, and
I did NOT substitute garlic powder for onion powder

Honestly, it turned out really yummy, and I think that we will NOT make it more often.

What did you NOT do this week?
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