Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camp Summer Memories

My favorite job EVER were the summers that I spent at Camp Asbury in Ohio as a counselor. It was everything I wished for i a job, working with kids, sharing my faith, spending time in the great outdoors and a little bit of adventure. It has been a few years since I have worked at Camp Asbury, but last week I had the opportunity to return as a volunteer counselor. Every summer in between years of college Asbury was my home, more so than even my parent's house since I rarely slept there. Returning to Asbury was a little bit of a homecoming.

One of my personal favorites, the high ropes. The course is about 3 feet in the air on telephone poles. I love it, but to be honest, after spending hours in the trees, heights are not really a thrill anymore. I sort of wish I was a little more scared.

Leaving the platform of the zip line 40ish feet in the air.

The campers played real life clue when the camp director's dog was stolen. They walked around camp and interrogated the characters to solve the mystery.

For water games the campers sank canoes full of counselors. Since I live in Florida I was a little worried about the frigid Ohio water, but decided to ''be brave'' and sit in a sinking canoe. The campers soon figured out that I was not a fan of the cold water and made sure to pour every bucket right on my lap. Oh well, it wasn't too bad.
Then they buried the counselors and made sand creations. This is an eagle.
Above you will see a mummy, and I have spared you the picture of the pregnant woman. I'm not sure what the campers were thinking on that one!!

He had sand in his eyes, nose and mouth. What a good sport!

The Archery Range

The lifeguard during Polar bear swim. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post pictures of any campers, so you'll have to settle with pictures of adults. The water had steam rising and was beautiful. I didn't get in since it was SO cold, but I did go on the creek hike, mudslide and even got into the 60 something degree water of the quicksand.

All of the campers were given a shirt to Tye-dye.
The lifeguards built a sandcastle while on break and occasionally allowed campers to help.
Climbing the Boulder Wall
Just before canoeing.

I love this shot!! It was taken after the Sunday Evening Campfire. I realized this past week that the clouds in Ohio are much better than Florida clouds. I hope that someday my children (I don't have any yet) are able to experience Camp Asbury!

I hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about what makes summers special for me. All of the photos are straight off of the camera. Since I am visiting family, I've been busy and don't want to spend much time editing.


Alice said...

all great photos, but my favorite is the one on the archery range! what a fun camp - lots of activity :O)

i have my summer shots up if you want to come over and visit for awhile :O)

Rachelle said...

Great crop on the tie dye shirt photo... and yes, that sunset is breathtaking. I never got to go camping except once... and I only remember french toast with eggs and no milk - - not much memory, huh?

Tara said...

Great photos! I love the bright colors and detail of the tie-dye shot.

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